FD had been meaning to pick up tom Perrotta's latest book, "Little Children," since its glowing reviews came out several weeks back. We've been a fan of Perrotta's since the early 90's, when we agreed to publish an early short story of his in a Scholastic classroom magazine and downed several pints to seal the deal.

One of the things we liked most about the new book (besides the fact that it apparently features a stay-at-home dad having some meaningless sex) was its inspired cover, a pair of Goldfish crackers squaring off on a well-manicured lawn. So you can imagine our surprise when we finally went to purchase it yesterday and found two crumbly chocolate-chip cookies where the Goldfish should have been. What's the story? Let's just say you should never cross Pepperidge Farm, "because Pepperidge Farm remembers."

Anyone planning to use Goldfish on the cover of their nursery school classroom's yearbook: You've been warned.

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