Best-selling business writer and "agent of change" Seth Godin has launched, a Web site dedicated to disseminating "manifestos" from thinkers both notable and obscure. The idea is that bloggers will spread the ideas around the globe and, soon enough, the world will change.

The first batch was released over the weekend and includes "Kill Your Children" by Tyler Lackey, an indictment of the "agricultural-marketing complex" that has duped our children into consuming nutritionally valueless sugared drinks and which apparently has plans to fatten up our children's children as well.

The basic point is indisputable - no one, especially kids, should consume high-calorie sodas and "fruit drinks." But Lackey ignores the fact that active kids who exercise don't get so fat, even if they drink some soda. He says a soda a day will add 120 pounds to your frame in a decade. But we all know people who drink a soda a day, and most of them aren't carrying a spare 120 pounds. He also posits that when you throw a kid's birthday party, you'll be run out of town on a rail if you don't offer kids Coke and Sprite, with a couple of bottles of water "for the nerds, the geeks, and diabetics." Wow. Apparently this fellow lives on the floor of a Coca-Cola bottling plant because that hasn't been our experience. Lackey's posted bio says that he gave up soda at age 26, and allows his 4 and 6-year-old kids one soda a month. OK, hero, but FD has a kid who's almost four and he's not going to be let anywhere near a soda other than seltzer for years.

While reporting for an upcoming article on children's nutrition, FD spoke to leading pediatric nutritionists who firmly believe these drinks are Public Enemy No. 1 in the fight to keep kids from getting fat and sick. Much more on that when it's on newsstands. In the meantime, this manifesto is a decent, if hysterical, introduction to the issue.

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