OK, we regret the punchline, as this is a truly horrible story. It's a tragedy for the family, and the mohel. We're unaware of this Orthodox practice of the mohel using his mouth to extract blood from the circumcision wound, but as much as we support circumcision, even in the face of modern opposition, this one particular element of the procedure may have to go. It simply seems to not be worth the risk.


We've been monitoring the flap over PBS Kids' "Postcards from Buster" episode in which the inquisitive bunny travels to Vermont and meets, among the maple farmers and ice cream magnates, a girl whose mother lives with her lesbian partner. Incoming Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings blasted the program for its treatment of homosexuality as somehow normal, and implicitly threatened to cut off its funding, if not Buster's floppy right ear. We at support Buster's right to visit anyone the producers see fit. However, we also happen to think that PBS executives made the right decision when they independently decided to pull the episode in question before the Secretary of Education ever heard of it. In other words, the system works, and Spellings' grandstanding only serves to obscure that fact while playing to her Bushy base.

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