Big-league blogger Daniel Radosh weighs in today on the erotic appeal of toddler-music superstar Laurie Berkner. Personally, we had never been a big Berkner fan, which put us in the minority in the circle of parents we run with. It came down to this: We joined the Dan Zanes/They Might Be Giants camp early on, and always felt more comfortable with the converted-rocker brand of kid music stars vs. the authentic children's performers, like Berkner. But then Noggin started playing her videos in heavy rotation between morning shows, and "Victor Vito" and "We Are the Dinosaurs" burrowed into our consciousness and refused to budge, forcing us to at least grudgingly respect her tunesmithing skills even as we banged our head against the corner of our dining room table.

However, we've never remotely considered Berkner, a perfectly attractive gal, to be any kind of a sex symbol. In fact, we felt kind of bad for her when she started appearing in new promo spots for Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin with what appeared to be a poor Botox job - Why, we wondered, would anyone need to get Botoxed for a Noggin show? [Also, when Berkner signed on as the lead act on the music show, Zanes pulled his videos from Noggin and stalked off to strike a deal with the Disney Channel.]

Radosh, however, claims to have zeroed in on Berkner's erotic potential long ago, and further claims that he's not alone:

I have my own list of articles I'll never write … at the top is a piece that would have been titled The Erotic Pleasures of Laurie Berkner … Basically, it's about how every father of young children has a secret crush on LB … I already had a great quote from one friend about her appeal: "It's pretty obvious. She's got a huge rack and she takes care of your kids." ... I don't think the BerknerBoobies are the only attraction.

We still don't see it, but eye of the beholder, etc. But then Radosh completely loses us when he goes searching for other sexy stars on his kids' CD shelves:

...I would have settled the popular Ginger/Mary-Ann debate about LB vs. Dan Zanes's accordian player by pointing out that once you see accordian chick without the funky hair (in, say, the Jump Up vid), you realize she's a one-trick pony.


Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, you're completely ignoring the most alluring sidewoman in kids music - and she stands just on the other side of Dan in the Rocket Ship Revue. We speak, of course, of slinky and stylish singer/guitarist Barbara Brousal. She's got it all over both Berkner and Cynthia Hopkins - and a sexy, grown-up voice promising that after she sings the kids to sleep she'll come upstairs and put you down. She leaves the others in the sandbox.

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Heh. In full agreement regarding the musical merits of the DZ band over LB and, if Brousal is the one I think she is, of her over the other gals. But who's talking about music? The whole point is I'm trying not to LISTEN to any of this crap the kids insist on.

Posted by: radosh | Jan 13, 2006 5:27:52 PM

Brousal is not only wicked cute, she's a sweetheart. We have been Zanes fans since way-back and at a concert a few years ago we were slightly disappointed the band didn't play my kids' favorite song, Malti, which in fact was written by Brousal. In between sets, we approached her and asked if they could play it during the second show (my kids were/are diehards). She said she could guarantee since it wasn't on the new CD and wasn't really in thier rotation of back catalog stuff. Sure enough, when they came back out, about the third song they mentioned they had a special request for a family out there and they launched into a spirited Malti.

Posted by: AlexG | Jan 13, 2006 7:00:08 PM

Alex - That's a great story. Here's my own Barbara Brousal story: I took my son, then about 4, to Zanes' early set at Symphony Space a year ago, and the band signed CDs between shows. But despite my urging him to ask Barbara for an autograph so that we could have just a brief moment with her, he would only allow Zanes and Cynthia Hopkins to sign for him. And yet, weeks later, he insisted on having every single Funkey Monkey sign his disc at their show. Sigh.

Posted by: freelance dad | Jan 17, 2006 10:57:49 AM

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