The Journal ran an "Informed Patient" column the other day on new tools to screen mental-health risks in children, which also discussed the push to have (non-psychiatrically trained) general pediatricians perform routine mental-health checks of all their patients. Good idea? Maybe. But probably not if it can be expected to produce nationwide the results found by Dr. Walter Harrison of Lynn, MA, "who chairs a state task force advocating mental-health screening for children," and therefore has a horse in this race:


Since he began regularly screening children in his own practice a few years ago, he says he has referred 26% of his patients to a mental-health care provider, compared with an average of 6% of children who are referred to such providers statewide.

That's a better than one-in-four referral rate. Now, extrapolate nationwide. Sit. Shudder.


We've said it before, and we'll say it again: We are big fans of the scrappiest, most Semitic daily paper in town, the New York Sun. Yesterday was a tough day for the paper, though, as it had to deploy full-court disclosure in its scoop about an impending real-estate move by the 92d Street Y:

The 92nd Street Y announced yesterday that it is leaving the Upper West Side, selling its townhouse there in order to raise funds for a major renovation of its flagship facility on the Upper East Side. . . . The philanthropist Michael Steinhardt purchased the building at 35 W. 67th St. in 1997. . . . Five years ago he donated [it] to the 92nd Street Y which. . . named the building the Makor/Steinhardt Center.  

The move caught the Steinhardt family by surprise. . . . [T]he former chairwoman of the Makor/Steinhardt Center board, Sara Berman. . . who is Mr. Steinhardt's daughter [and] who writes a weekly column for The New York Sun. . . questioned the appeal of the 92nd Street Y building to the younger crowd Makor appealed to. . . . Mr. Steinhardt, an owner of the Sun, was on a plane to Israel and could not be reached for comment.

Angry as Pop may have been, however, credit the Sun for some restraint: They held the article for page 2.

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