CbsearlyshowImage3193122gA couple of weeks ago, the CBS News Early Show taped us here at FD headquarters for a segment on "the new dad." The taping was completely fun—we put all of our possessions in the bathtub so HQ would look presentable—in fact, it never looked better—and once the cameras started rolling, a network staffer periodically rushed over to wipe sweat off our nose, a level of service we rarely receive in everyday life.

The piece aired this morning at 8:08 am, and we screened it with Small Fellow, Tiny Girl, and Little Guy, all of whom had recorded cameo appearances when we escorted the crew to the playground at Big City Elementary for some "b-roll" of dads and kids at play. Fortunately, the network editors successfully eliminated all of our stammers and stutters, so we sounded reasonably authoritative as we talked about how and why "the new dad" is involved with his kids.

CBS tells us that the segment should be posted later today on the network's Web site and we will do our best to link to the video when it's available, so check back here later this week if you missed the show this morning.

And thanks to all of you for the kind comments you've already sent in on our appearance. They're much appreciated.

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