. . . . a new study finds that parents actually report fewer psychological problems than their non-parenting counterparts. Researchers analyzed a national survey of more than 33,000 American adults. They found that nine-percent of parents said they had experienced serious psychological distress in the last year, compared to 12-percent of non-parents.


10_29_07_papsflies_800600We returned to New York late Sunday evening after a weekend away and an especially long drive during which the kids slept for several hours as we listened to Game Four of the World Series on the radio. So they had just gotten into their own beds a little before midnight when we turned on the DVR-preserved game with Little Guy on our lap. Seeing that the game was now in the bottom of the ninth, we hit pause, invited Fellow and Tiny to climb out of their bunk bed and watch the final two outs with us. As you may have read elsewhere, the Sox did not disappoint—the guy on Fellow's Red Sox Nation lunchbox (left) even pitched the last inning—and now the kids can tell their own kids one day how they got to see the Red Sox win the second championship of their (and our) lifetime.

[Can we for a moment express what a Bizarro World of sports in which our kids are growing up? The Red Sox are perennially in the World Series, the Patriots are the strongest franchise in all of sports, and the Celtics are perpetually mediocre. That's the complete opposite of the world we were raised in. It's like Lois Lane am Luthor's girlfriend, Luthor am president, and Clark Kent am Public Enemy No. 1.]


After two years of unfathomable injustice and apparent racism, former high school football star and honor student Genarlow Wilson, now 21, was finally released from the Georgia prison where he was serving a ten-year sentence for having had consensual oral sex with a teenage girl. While Wilson was incarcerated, thousands of other Georgia teens committed the same crime in the backseats of cars idling behind Shoney franchises across the state without having to do time. The state's highest court finally ruled that his sentence amounted to cruel and unusual punishment and you can certainly ask what they had been waiting for. Kudos to ESPN and other media advocates who wouldn't let this case go away, and for reporting that

. . . . the man who prosecuted Wilson, Douglas County District Attorney David McDade, said he disagreed with the decision, but he respects the court "as the final arbiter."

Michael Nifong is out of a job, but this guy is still in a position to prosecute young Georgians?


The estimable Tara Parker-Pope reports on her Times blog that we shouldn't be so upset about roaches crawling around our homes or even our favorite restaurants. They're nice, lovely, interesting animals, far less likely to give you a disease than mosquitoes—and even if a roach did make you sick, it would only be because he was transmitting germs he picked up from you.


Ww12Coney Island's Astroland amusement park has been given a one-summer reprieve before greedy developers shut it down, maybe to replace it one day with new amusement attractions—but then again, maybe not! In any case, starting on March 16, 2008, families can enjoy one more summer of the city's best triple-header day trip—visiting the creatures at the New York Aquarium, splashing in the waves at the Coney Island beach, and then playing at Astroland. (Actually, if you add a Russian lunch on Ocean Avenue, it's a grand slam. . .)

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