The Center for Screen-Time Awareness will soon be encouraging families like yours to turn off their TVs during its annual Turnoff Week, from April 21-27. (Just take our word for it; their Web site's a complete mess.) We love the TV, but actually think the week is a great idea, and even wrote a column about it for our friends at the Walt Disney Internet Group, now available online.

Our column tells the amazing true story of two miserable young children and how their personalities underwent a remarkable transformation over the course of five days without the pernicious influence of television:

The results were startling. When they woke up on Monday, we put on a CD and peacefully listened to music over breakfast. By Wednesday, they were working on puzzles together before school.

And as if that weren't enough, then came...the compliments! Thursday morning, Tiny said to Fellow: "You look very handsome today," then Fellow told her, "YOU really look like you're ready to get your picture taken today!"

(Spoiler alert: They reverted to form as soon as the week ended . . .)

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